Happy New Year!

Season 2014 has officially started and every member is required to fill out new waivers and membership forms.  However, this year we will no longer be using paper forms, instead we will be filling out electronic forms.

If you plan on joining us for another great season, please fill out the waiver and the membership forms before you attend your first 2014 practice session. Please note that the membership application will require that you complete and pass the safety test consisting of 20 true or false questions. Please make sure you fill out both forms with the same name. If you use a middle initial, or use a nickname, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, or combination, put it on both forms.
In order to validate your identity both forms will require a verification code associated with your unique email. To obtain the Verification Code please visit the following link:
Participant’s Verification Code http://tiny.cc/scdbcIDverification

http://tiny.cc/scdbcwaiverFollow this to fill out the membership application: