2018 CCWC Race Videos in Szeged, Hungary

It took a bit of time to organize and find but below are time stamps of races with DPW in it.

Enjoy and feel free to share with family and friends.

Mixed Senior B 200M Standard boat Minor Finals- https://youtu.be/Pkjw2SWahCo?t=12314

Women Senior A 500M Standard boat Minor Finals- https://youtu.be/FiLVRy-kCok?t=3426

Open Senior A 500M Standard boat Minor Finals-

Mixed Junior A 500M Small boat Round 3-

Mixed Senior B 500M Standard boat Minor Finals- https://youtu.be/FiLVRy-kCok?t=21463

Premier Women 500m Small Boat Minor Finals-

Mixed Senior A 2000M Standard Boat Final- https://youtu.be/u6X30DtM8WU?t=326

Mixed Senior B 2000M Standard Boat Final- https://youtu.be/u6X30DtM8WU?t=7420

Women Senior A 2000M Standard Boat Final- https://youtu.be/u6X30DtM8WU?t=24553

Open Senior A 2000M Standard Boat Final- https://youtu.be/u6X30DtM8WU?t=26883

Premier Women 2000M Small Boat Final-

2018 CCWC in Szeged, Hungary Pictures

For those of you wanting to see pictures, the Facebook page for the event has albums, links below.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Some pictures of our paddlers/team.

Premier Women racing, Premier Women loading onto boatPremier Women loading onto boat 2, Premier Women loading onto boat 3

Cheering on teamDPW during 2000m , Women 2000m standard boatWomen 2000m standard boat 2Women 2000m standard boat 3Women 2000m standard boat 4Women 2000m standard boat 5Women 2000m standard boat 6Women 2000m standard boat 7

Men 2000m standard boatMen 2000m standard boat 2Men 2000m standard boat 3Men 2000m standard boat 4Men 2000m standard boat 5Men 2000m standard boat 6Men 2000m standard boat 7Men 2000m standard boat 8Men 2000m standard boat 9Men 2000m standard boat 10Men 2000m standard boat 11Men 2000m standard boat 12 


2018 Long Beach International Dragon Boat Festival Results

Congrats to all our teams that competed at the 2018 Long Beach International Dragon Boat Festival!

Medal Results: 

LA County VIP – 2nd place

LA County Juniors – 2nd place in the High School Div C

Team DPW Women – 1st place in Women A 

Team DPW Corp – 1st place Corporate Division A

Team DPW Masters – 2nd place Masters Division A

Results can be viewed in the link below.


Congrats to all those who medaled and a job well done to everyone this past weekend.