Jennifer Edo

2015 ICF Dragon Boat Club Crew Championships

                       2015 ICF Dragon Boat

                    Club Crew Championships

Račice, Czech Republic

10 – 13 September 2015

Good Luck to various members of Team DPW and friends from SCDBC Dragon Boat Community and Texas.


Team DPW:  Micah Abelson. Rian Barrett, Billie Bivens, Lea Browning,

                     Rex Cajanding, Justin Chi, Nikki Coloso, Chris Del Rey,

                     Steve Evans, Mags Gilo, Jennifer Ito, Felix Lumibao,

                     Heather Murapa, Miguel Osorio, Annette Salazar, Nathan Salazar

                     Henry Tuason, Lupe Velazquez, Nick Zerman

SCDBC Community:

Electric Dragons: Dennis Miller

Ex Generals:  Linda Lui, Mac Vera

LARD: Kristoff Erkiletian


Island Warriors: Irwin Casiano, Victorina Piccio

Lead by doing!!!

Here are my times for every set in the WOD today! What did you do? Post it! Keep log of your results, because WE WILL do this again! ;-).

Enjoy going to both practices; going to one practice; or staying home to not attend one single practice and not do posted workouts! Cheers to the rest of ya that are putting in double time, it will show at the end of July.