Throwback Thursday + Practice Reminder

We are barely a week away from the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival. What are you doing to prepare for the races? Here are some pictures from the 2011 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival to get you motivated.

Also, there are 3 practices available this weekend July 19-21 2013.

Friday @ Santa Fe Dam @ 730am

Saturday @ Mother’s Beach @ 7am

Sunday @ Santa Fe Dam @ 730am- Please RSVP for this to or


Team DPW warming up!

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No practice on Saturday!!!

Team, please be reminded that we will not have practice this Saturday. Unfortunately, no coaches or certified steers are available. I apologize for this. Please use this day to work on your land workout and exercise. Swim, bike, run but no injuries please!!!

Practice is available on Friday at 730am at Santa Fe Dam.

Lead by doing!!!

Here are my times for every set in the WOD today! What did you do? Post it! Keep log of your results, because WE WILL do this again! ;-).

Enjoy going to both practices; going to one practice; or staying home to not attend one single practice and not do posted workouts! Cheers to the rest of ya that are putting in double time, it will show at the end of July.