Lead by doing!!!

Here are my times for every set in the WOD today! What did you do? Post it! Keep log of your results, because WE WILL do this again! ;-).

Enjoy going to both practices; going to one practice; or staying home to not attend one single practice and not do posted workouts! Cheers to the rest of ya that are putting in double time, it will show at the end of July.


6/20/13 DPW-WOD

Warm up:
3 Rounds:

1 minute plank
5 lunge with a torso twist on each side.
5 side lunges on each side
arm circular rotations (30 small, 30 medium, 30 large)


You will need a rowing machine. Log your time on each set! We will do this workout again eventually. LOG YOUR TIMES.

3 sets of 100 Meters
4 sets of 200 meters
5 sets of 300 Meters
3 sets of 500 Meters (use form for the side of boat you paddle on during the 500 meter sets)

6/19/13 DPW-WOD

Had a few more people do the workout required for Tuesday. Chelo completed the workout, and wrote down her times she completed each 1 minute round. Awesome way to see how fast you are improving or declining in each round. Also, that will provide you with an average rate you are completing each round for the 20 mins. Good job Mc, for doing the workout tonight! He has not been to practice lately but is staying on top of workouts! Good job!

So on that note, I will continue to post this workout and the other one until I see others getting on board with their fitness…..and post that you are doing these ones I’m posting. Even if you are doing your own workout, then do these ones on top of that!!!!! Yes, I said that! Push yourself to do better and put out more than what you limit yourself to….you are your own limitation and barrier.

Today’s WOD is to complete or redo the 6/12/13 DPW-WOD.

Looking forward to see your results!

6/18/13 DPW-WOD

Since I can almost guarantee that majority of the team did not do 6/13/13 workout I posted, then we will repeat that workout for Today’s workout. If you don’t remember workout, then go back to the post that I titled 6/13/13 DPW-WOD.

Click here!!!

It’s not an easy workout if you are not exercising on off days weekly. However, do it and push yourself to do your best. It is for your benefit, and the teams overall quality of performance. When and if you do the workout, then please post a comment so we can track who is and is not doing the workouts….so far I’m assuming I am the only one doing the workouts. I have put Markita through a portion of this workout. Chelo did the first one I posted. These are workouts that are challenging, but doable. Looking forward to hearing your feedback from those that complete the workout.

6/13/13 DPW-WOD

Yesterday’s WOD was preparation for today. Push yourself to the limit.

Warm up:

3 Rounds:
5 side lunges each side
15 crunches
1 minute plank
15 jumping jacks


20 minute Workout. Finish workout as fast as you can in 1 Minute…..every minute up to 20 minutes.

Movements in workout:

4 Push-ups
6 Squat Jumps
8 Sit-ups

You must complete the 3 movements in 1 minute. If you finish early, then the remaining seconds is your rest time. Then the next 1 minute round begins right after. So you might want to just keep a stop watch close at hand or on wrist, and let it run non-stop for 20 minutes.

You complete the 4 push-ups, 6 squat jumps and 8 sit-ups in 30 seconds, the remaining 30 seconds you rest. Once the 2 minute mark hits you start again….and so on.

This will be a challenge of the will, and to push yourself to move quickly while muscles are burning and cardio endurance is declining. Push push push through.

Any questions? Shoot away.