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Welcome to Team DPW!

Thank you for your interest in the sport of dragon boat racing and in joining our team.

For season 2017, every member/participant is required to fill out new waivers and membership forms from the Southern California Dragon Boat Club (SCDBC) and Team DPW.  This year we will no longer be using paper forms for SCDBC, instead we will be filling out electronic forms. Paper and electronic forms are available for Team DPW.

  • If you plan on just trying out the sport, please fill out both waivers from SCDBC and Team DPW before you attend your first 2017 practice session.  First 3 practices are free, after the 4th practice you will need to join the team and pay membership fee.
  • Or if you wish to join or renew your membership with the team please fill out the waivers and membership forms from both Team DPW and SCDBC;

Membership Forms and Waivers

  • If you wish to be a member of Team DPW please follow this link to find out more about our membership dues and fees.


  • To sign up or RSVP for a practice session, click here.

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  •  For information on upcoming races and special events, click here.

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