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New Dragon Saddles, a.k.a. Butt pads, at a special price of $30 for a limited time only!!!

Comes in sky blue, forest green, florescent yellow,and burgundy/wine color.




Limited colors available!!!
Please e-mail Wila Chun at or to reserve color.
Order now for delivery by Apr 26th at the Long Beach Spring Race!!!
***Payment is by cash only***

ICF 2014 Dragon Boat World Championships Day 1 Updates

Dragon Boat Team USA wraps up day 1 of the ICF Dragon Boat World Championships with 2 medals!

Silver in the 500m 20-man Women’s Masters

Bronze in the 500m in the 20-man Mixed Masters

Congratulations to the Team DPW paddlers who were in these boats.

Steve Evans
Miguel Osorio
Raymond Vinole
Rex Cajanding
Jennifer Edo
Jennifer Ito
Patty Curiel
Connie Rayna
Swati Kadam

And Congratulations Team USA!!!


Team DPW at the 2014 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival

150+ paddlers, 12 boats in 12 divisions, 1 epic weekend!

Congratulations Team DPW!!!!

Gold – LA County VIP – VIP Division

Bronze – Quest Salchata Crew – VIP Division

Gold – Mighty Kids – Elementary Division

Bronze – DPW Falcons – Elementary Division

Bronze – DPW Geezers – Masters Division

Gold – Team DPW – Division 1B

Gold – Team DPW CAPE – Corporate A Division

Bronze – DPW MR. Tee – Corporate B Division


It is not easy to put up a great event without the help of volunteers.  Thanks to all of you for organizing the tent, food, breakfast, lunch, fruits, games, rosters, teams, kids, chairs, tables, etc etc etc.  Many many thanks to all of you.  Many thanks too to those who have donated to our funds and helped in registering more teams in different divisions.

Congrats to our ladies who raced in the Women’s Division A finals.  Our Geezers too who proved to be a tough contender though they are 90+ years old!  Thanks to all our friends from Texas and San Diego who paddled with us and helped glide our way to victory!!!  Congrats too to our kids teams for defending their Gold medals at the elementary division.

Congrats too to our guest teams, Team Phoenix Fire Dragons (Arizona) and Team Lightwave (SFO), for winning in their respective divisions!

Congrats to our DPW paddlers racing with the Long Beach Masters for winning the Gold.  We hope that your gold medal finish stays with you when you compete in Italy.

Thanks to all our families who were there to cheer us on at every race!  I hope you had a great time at our tent.  Those little kids that played at the sand the whole day and their only break from playing was to cheer us on…  then back to the sand, ha ha ha.


Congratulations and Thanks again to all!!!


-Coach Nathan



2014 Long Beach International Dragon Boat Festival

2014 Long Beach International Dragon Boat Festival

July 26-27th 2014

Marine Stadium, Long Beach, CA


 2014 Long Beach International Dragon Boat Festival

For those who want to join us at the 2014 Long Beach International Dragon Boat Festival in Long Beach, CA on July 26-27, 2014, please e-mail Coach Nathan at or The race registration cost per paddler is $40 which you can pay online* at the link below or send/hand in your payments to Olivia.
(*Online processing fees may apply)

2014 BigLB Race for:

Collectible Dragon Boat Novelty Items FOR SALE

Help send your Team USA athletes to the 2014 ICF World Dragon Boat Championships in Poznan, Poland!

Collectible Dragon Boat Novelty Items FOR SALE


Limited Edition Plaster Cast Ceramic Artwork


These Plaster Cast Ceramic artworks are 4″h x 12″w x 1.5″d. They come with a hanger at the back to hang on your wall.

$15 each

3D Dragon Boat Wood Craft Puzzle


These Wood puzzle kits are made of 3mm ply wooden board. Individual pieces slot to interlock with each other forming a 3D model. Designs are pre-cut, simply push out of board, no cutting tool or glue required.

$5 each

To purchase your Dragon Boat items, you can use the “add to cart” links to buy online now (*Online payment fees apply) and send us a message to arrange pick up at or

Or please send us a message at or to arrange different payment and delivery options.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Team USA and the sport of dragon boat racing!!!