Team DPW is an amateur dragon boat racing club. All of our expenses are paid from either membership fees, sponsorships and donations, or out of the pocket of our members and participants.

Joining the team would require members to pay an annual membership fee of $100. This would cover boat rentals, boat maintenance, the purchase of team equipment and supplies, and liability insurance for paddlers. Annual membership fees are due at the start of the year or as soon as you decide to join us for the season.

Aside from the annual membership dues, members are required to purchase their own paddling equipment (Paddle, PFD/Lifevest, etc.).

And for those who wish to participate in races and special events, you may be asked to pay a race registration fee and/or other events related fees. Please check out our Events page for information on upcoming races and other events you may want to join.

Please submit your payments at your earliest convenience by the due date or sooner. You have many options to submit your payments, you can choose one of the following methods:

1) Cash – Contact Olivia or Nikki – make sure you always receive a receipt
2) Check – to Team DPW (indicate purpose)
3) PayPal – or use the links below (Please select the “sending to a friend” option and note a small fee will be charged if you use a credit card)
4) Venmo – TeamDPW2006 (Olivia Moreno)
5) Credit Card (a small fee will be charged) – Contact Olivia or Nikki

Team DPW
c/o Olivia Moreno
15751 Fellowship St
Valinda CA 91744
(*please note what the payment is for)


We are trying to keep our costs at the very minimum to accommodate everyone who wish to join the team and participate in races and events. In these efforts, we are constantly looking for ways to raise funds and solicit donations for the team.

If you missed paying your fee or dues for any past event, please contact Olivia or Nikki