2013 Los Angeles Dragon Boat Team

Good luck to the 2013 Los Angeles Dragon Boat Team representing the USA at the China-Foshan International Dragon Boat Tournament in Guangdong, China on November 1-3, 2013.

The team consists of combined paddlers from Aerodragons, Space Dragons, LARD, LA Pinks, Splashing Flyers, San Diego, Guam and Team DPW.

Joining the team are some of DPW’s finest;

Steve Evans
Daniel Weiner
Felix Lumibao
Miguel Osorio

The team is also head coached by our very own Coach Nathan Salazar.

Good luck, guys, and safe travels!


2013 San Diego Dragon Boat Race Videos (Drummer’s view)

If you think watching from the sidelines is intense, just take a look at what the drummer is seeing during the race.

250m Division A Finals

The Race was re-run for Bronze between Team DPW and Vortex after their collision.

250m Division B Finals

500m Open (Men) Finals

500m Division A Finals

Team DPW and Vortex Collide at the 250m Division A Finals

You may have already seen from the shore videos that Team DPW collided with Vortex at the 250m Division A finals.

Well, here’s a closer look at what happened from the drummer’s point of view.

Where’s Rich????

find rich

At this point, Coach Nathan is telling Reyna to row in…


Here’s the full video