What is a dragon boat?
A dragon boat is a long and narrow canoe that seats 20 paddlers in 10 rows, with a drummer at the front, and a steersperson that navigates the boat at the rear. It is also decorated with a dragon head at the front and a dragon tail at the back of the boat. The racing boats used are approximately 41 feet long and weigh 550 pounds. In a competition, dragon boaters typically paddle in sync along a 250m or 500m race course toward the finish line.

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When and where are practices held?
Regular practices are every Friday and Saturday starting at 7:00-9:30AM. During race season, additional training schedules may be added. Practices are held at the Santa Fe Dam and Recreation Area.

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How long does a practice session last?
Practices last around 2 – 2.5 hours starting with conditioning exercises which includes light jogging, stretching and light cardio routines. Then we board the boat and paddle for at least 60 minutes. Practices start light and easy and gradually become more strenuous as the season progresses.

What should I bring to practice?
Yourself and your energy. Necessary equipment will be provided. Wear comfortable clothes and sandals that you don’t mind getting wet. You can also bring sunglasses, caps, sunscreen to protect you from the sun. If it’s a cold or windy day, wear long sleeves or bring a pullover. Also bring drinking water.

Do I need to know how to swim?
No. The coaches and steers-persons are trained and certified by Southern California Dragon Boat Association (SCDBA) and enforce safe paddling conditions. All team members are required to wear PFDs and learn safety commands.

Do I need to buy any equipment?
Basic paddles and personal flotation devices (PFDs)  are provided during your first three practices and at the events. However, as you get into the sport, it is encouraged that you purchase your own paddling equipment.

How much does the equipment cost?
Because there is no standard equipment that is required for the sport, the costs will depend entirely on the quality and quantity of equipment you would like to purchase. Basic equipment purchases are a wood paddle for approximately $42 and a life vest for approximately $70.

How do I sign up for practice?
Please contact us here to sign up for practice.

How much is the annual membership?
Annual membership is $100
Full Time Student is $60

What does my membership dues cover?
The dues cover boat rentals, boat maintenance, the purchase of team equipment, and liability insurance for paddlers. Other expenses may be incurred.

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